5 reasons why you CANNOT miss out on a Cornish holiday


1 Relax, unwind or hit the waves on world-famous beaches
Picture golden sands, azure waves and a warm, gentle breeze…all without going through customs.
With 80% of Cornwall surrounded by sea, there are a lot of beaches to choose from. So surf, sunbathe and sandcastle to your hearts content.

2 Be entertained by once-in-a-lifetime shows
Cornwall’s colourful heritage will transport you to a world where the extraordinary comes to life.
How about a folk gig on the beach at sunset? Or the famous classic VWs festival?
Take a sneak peek at the events list and make sure you don’t miss out.

3 Marvel at the mystery of ancient relics
Soak up the atmosphere of castles, ancient monuments and Cornwall’s animated history.
Play ‘king’ at Launceston Castle, stroll the gardens at Port Eliot House or venture into the eerily beautiful Carnglaze Slate caverns. Don’t just see it, join in and take part with interactive attractions.

Fresh food from the sea

4 Make eating out more than just a meal
Being next to the sea has more perks than just the beach.
Think battered cod as long as your forearm, think freshly caught lobster, think al fresco wine tasting…or maybe just think authentic pasties for a picnic lunch.
Whatever you fancy, Cornwall’s mouth-watering cuisine will provide.

5 Soak up the scenery with unique natural wonders
Visit Cornwall
No words can describe the feeling of looking out to a sea illuminated by the million glittering lights of sunset. Cornwall’s natural beauty gives you a uniquely rugged coastline just waiting to be explored.
The only way to experience it is to see it.

So make a plan and go see it.

Start planning your trip here.